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adventures on the red road.

right now.

Right Now.

age 19

Begins to Break the Cycle

Harry gets out of prison and begins work at the first AIM office alongside Leonard Peltier and other notable AIM members. 

age 21 |  1972

BIA Headquarters Takeover

 Harry joins the "Trail of Broken Treaties" caravan across the U.S. to Washington D.C., which ended in the 7 day occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs headquarters. 

age 22  |  1973

Wounded Knee

Harry delivers supplies to those holding the 71 day occupation at Wounded Knee.

FBI agents pay his home a visit pin his involvement. They could not.

age 27  | 1978

AIM's first Longest Walk

Dennis Banks leads AIM's nonviolent march from Alcatraz to DC to raise awareness about the infringement upon the rights of Native Americans and to prevent the passage of eleven bills before Congress that would threaten Native American land, hunting, and fishing rights. They collected over 1,500,000 signatures of support and succeeded in persuading Congress to reject all 11 bills. 

Harry gets his first taste of freedom on the open road.

age 30  | 1981

Takes Last Drink

From this time on, Harry's Red Road Journey is profoundly heightened by the decision to treat his body as a temple. It is a rare, and always gracious moment, when he partakes in a home-cooked sweet and/or meat-based, and/or anything but whole, usually raw, food.

age 43  | 1994

Walk for Justice

(Justice for Leonard Peltier)

Harry completes his first full walk across the country. He honored by Dennis Banks in his request for Harry to serve the walk as a Leader, one of two Eagle Staff Carriers, and the spokesperson for the walk. 

He goes on to successfully complete his first Sun Dance.

age 45 | 1996

Sacred Run

Harry takes part in the Sacred Run which Dennis Banks founded to promote the sacredness of all living things and which took place from the years 1988 to 2006 and crossed many continents - United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe.


Of 200 runners to start, Harry remained one of eight to finish at the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta.

age 53  |  2004


Harry is honored to accompany Dennis in a two-month experience of cultural exchange as guests of Fidel Castro. 

age 55  |  2006

Tour of America with the Japanese

Harry and Dennis host two busloads of Japanese guests on a two-month tour across the country to see the reservation system and the state of Native America with their own eyes. 

age 56  | 2007

Tour for Leonard Peltier

Harry joins Dennis in leading activists and almost a dozen headliner musicians across the country performing concerts at all the major colleges and universities bringing awareness and support to Leonard's case.

age 57  | 2008

Longest Walk ll

Clean Up Mother Earth

Harry and Dennis lead walkers across the country again - in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first Longest Walk and to clean up Mother Earth. This time they organized a Northern route and Southern Route along which walkers captured many tons of roadside garbage. In Washington, their Manifesto for Change called for protective legislation - protection of sacred sites, burial remains, and to curb global warming. Harry Belafonte, Daryl Hannah, Danny Glover, Bill Miller & Keith Secola support.

age 60  | 2011

Longest Walk III

Harry is honored by Dennis as headman or 'Chief' of the Longest Walk. Following the special ceremony and kickoff, the Chiefs lead a walk across the country, working with reservation communities and nutrition experts to address this devastating epidemic killing the people.

Mrs. Kindness joins them. 

age 61 | 2012

Eagle Meets The Condor

Chief is invited into the heart of the Amazon by the world's most isolated tribes.

age 65 to 68 | 2016 - 18

Longest Walk 5.1, 2 & 3

Chief leads walkers across the country for three consecutive years calling to end drug abuse and domestic violence. Their prayers were felt by many as they were able to reach as many effected reservations as possible taking the southern, middle, and northern routes of the country. 

age 65 to 67 | 2016 - 2017

Standing Rock

In between walks, Chief stands with the elders and youth of the Standing Rock Lakota Tribe as they began a long fight for the preservation of their water supply against the Dakota Access Pipeline and the lead oil company, Energy Transfer Partners. 

age 68 | 2019

Walk for Climate Justice

In memory of Dennis, Chief Kindness leads a Walk for Climate Justice across the Mojave Desert, bringing light to the plight and urgency of our precious pollinators.

Launches Nations Rising, a project to amplify the impacts of the Red Road Warrior Society and bring much needed resources to the biggest issues of our time.

Sacred Run
Wounded Knee
Longest Walk
Tour with Japanese
Tour fo Leonard
Last Drink
Longest Walk II
Walk for Justice
Longest Walk III
Longest Walk 5.1, 2 & 3
Standing Rock
Save the Bees
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